Atlas-atlasATLAS  has a student-centered learning model that focuses on building stronger critical reasoning and analysis skills while strengthening their problem solving abilities. Our inquiry-based teaching model engages and empowers students to succeed on test day… and beyond! 

Our academic tutoring focuses on improving core content, study-skills and strategies, while reinforcing and improving a students confidence and motivation to help master that content area and other tested applications. Let’s get started!

Private Tutoring
Personalized sessions tailored to your schedule and goals to enhance your subject area performance. Targeted preparation customized to maximize your time and results. 2 Hour Instructional Sessions set throughout the course of the academic year.
Our instructors can help you prepare to these important exams. Availability of subject matter varies by location, so please call us at 716.299.TEST to speak to an Advisor today.

  • AP Exams: English, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics, and the Sciences
  • NYS Regent Exams: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and the Sciences
  • SHSAT (NYC Only)
  • SSAT / ISEE – grades 6-12
  • SAT II Subject Exams: English, History, Mathematics, and the Sciences
  • Other High School/College Exams: Taking a class in high school or college that has you stumped, or just needed a little extra edge? We can help!
Let ATLAS help you with your academic studies. Our team of certified experts will help you put together a study plan and master content areas while developing stronger study skills and daily habits to help you succeed.Navigating high school, college, and/or the college admissions process can be tricky business. Our experts have “been there, and done that” themselves and have assisted others through this process before. S/He will serve as a trusted advisor to guide you and assist you in making choices that are on point with your academic goals.