The ATLAS Graduate Division, Compass Test Review,  has a student-centered learning model that focuses on building stronger critical reasoning and analysis skills...

Compass LogoThe ATLAS Graduate Division, Compass Test Review,  has a student-centered learning model that focuses on building stronger critical reasoning and analysis skills while strengthening their problem solving abilities. Our inquiry-based teaching model engages and empowers students to succeed on test day… and beyond!

Our GRE prep is a strategic review of Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning question types, format, and personalized study plans to maximize your time and effort.

Experienced, dedicated professionals will work with you to achieve your desired goals through our affordable and efficient review that best fits your learning style, schedule, and budget. Let’s get started!

Private Tutoring
Personalized sessions and proctored diagnostics tailored to your schedule and goals. Targeted preparation customized to maximize your time and results. -2 Hour tutoring sessions
-4-hour diagnostic exams
-Spaced over 6-12 weeks
Small Group Study
(2-5 Students)
Motivational coaching in a personal setting. Form your own, or join one of ours! -Six, 2-hour study sessions
-Four, 4-hour diagnostics
-Spaced over 6-8 weeks
Analytical Writing 2 writing tasks; 60 minutes (30 minutes for each task); Measures student ability to analyze an argument and to analyze an issue (one of each)
Verbal Reasoning 40 Questions; two 30-minute sections; Measures reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and vocabulary skills
Quantitative Reasoning 40 questions; two 35-minute sections; Measures quantitative comparison skills
Exam is offered year-round. Exact dates and times vary based on individual testing center availability. Click here to find a testing center and available dates/times near you.
In truth, it’s complicated, especially for the GRE computer adaptive test. Because both the quantitative and verbal sections are adaptive, the questions given to you reflect how you did on preceding questions and the requirements of the test design. So, if you’re answering all of the questions correctly, you’re going to start getting harder questions with more points available to snag. Plus, there is an un-scored section on the test and a separate research section, neither of which affect your scores. The problem is, you won’t be able to tell the real sections from the research sections, so you’ll have to do your best on them all. No slouching!The nice part about taking the GRE on the computer? Instant gratification – at the end of the test, you’ll be asked whether or not you’d like to see your score. You can click “yes”, see the score, and it will be recorded and sent to your universities of choice. You can click “no” if you believe you bombed the test, and the computer will record that you took it, but will not send out your GRE scores.

On the paper test, the scoring is simpler because obviously, the questions do not change based on your performance.

Both the verbal and quantitative sections can earn you between 130 and 170 points, in 1 point increments. The writing section can garner you anywhere from a 0-6.

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