The ATLAS Graduate Division, Compass Test Review,  has a student-centered learning model that focuses on building stronger critical reasoning and analysis skills...

Compass LogoThe ATLAS Graduate Division, Compass Test Review,  has a student-centered learning model that focuses on building stronger critical reasoning and analysis skills while strengthening their problem solving abilities. Our inquiry-based teaching model engages and empowers students to succeed on test day… and beyond!

Our LSAT prep is an in-depth & efficient review of Writing Sample, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension question types using only real exams and diagnostics to give you the most realistic prep experience.

Top-notch, dynamic professionals work with you to tailor your review to ensure you reach your goals. Efficient & effective review options to fit your learning style, schedule, and budget. Let’s get started!

Private Tutoring
Personalized sessions and proctored diagnostics tailored to your schedule and goals. Targeted preparation customized to maximize your time and results. -2 Hour tutoring sessions
-4-hour diagnostic exams
-Spaced over 9-15 weeks
Small Group Study
(2-5 Students)
Motivational coaching in a personal setting. Form your own, or join one of ours! -Nine, 2-hour study sessions
-Four, 4-hour diagnostics
-Spaced over 9-12 weeks
Reading Comprehension 27 Questions; 35 minutes; Measures reading comprehension and critical reasoning skills
Analytical Reasoning 23 Questions from 4 Logic Games; 35 minutes; Measures critical thinking and reasoning abilities
Logical Reasoning 25-26 Questions; two 35 minute sections; Measures critical reasoning ability, as well as ability to make assumptions and draw conclusions
Variable 35 minutes; Will appear as one of the 3 sections above. You will not know which section is it, but it is un-scored.
Writing Sample 1 prompt; 35 minutes; Un-scored, but the sample is set to all law schools to which you apply.

Available dates/times vary by testing location Various options each month, except for February and December.

Click here to find a testing center and available dates/times near you.

Your LSAT score can range anywhere from a 120 to a 180. The average LSAT score is approximately a 150, but you need to score better than that to be competitive in the admissions process.

  • Only four of the multiple-choice sections count (one Reading Comprehension, one Analytical Reasoning, and two Logical Reasoning – variable section doesn’t count)
  • The writing section isn’t scored
  • No points are deducted for blank or wrong answers
  • Most of the top law schools will average your LSAT scores if you make multiple attempts
  • Although your LSAT score isn’t the only facet considered when applying to law school, it’s definitely a big deal! Many law school admissions counselors consider your LSAT score to be the single most important factor for admittance
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